Don't ever make a lunch meeting in here.

just a month ago, we had a extended our meeting in our office and have a lunch in here. my other co-worker was late in our meeting and we all decided to discuss his report during lunch time, we use to have an informal meeting were us we just laugh to our report seriously while eating.

this resto during that time do have a birthday party on the 1/4 corner, around 5 tables occupied whereas their they have a balloon, birthday cake and a fucking PA system plus a gay shakey's crew who serve as the host. the dining place was open and their was no wall to separate the bday activity to other customer.

the party just started 5 mins after we had taken our orders and while waiting we use to have a chit chat but to our surprise when we heard a huge scream coming from the 1/4 corner of that 50sq. meter dining place. the host was shouting and cheering on a party game.

this is annoying because the PA speaker was too loud that you cannot even hear what we are discussing within our table. because were hungry on that time and annoyed on the voice of the host we just talk to the manager to just lower somehow the volume of the PA speaker, we also consider the bday celebration.

we all know that a kid bday celebration is not appropriate for a pizza party and might consider celebrating it on mcdonalds or jollibee, we just found out that it was a celebration of 29 yrs old dude and they paid for their activity that started 12 noon.

the manager have lowered the volume but the party should be loudly for them to enjoy. we thought the manager already understand what the other customer was complaining but as the sounds goes load again the dining managers disappear on the scenario and the poor simple crew was the one to be blame, we had seek from the crew to talk to the manager and complain that the party is not applicable in their place and we cannot even have our simple conversation but the manager never goes out and only the crew manage to rely our complain to there manager who was hiding inside.

the crew went out and so as our lunch, then the crew just said that they cannot do anything because the bday party was already been paid. this is bullshit....

the poor crew only listen on what we are complaining but their is no action taken. we are really piss off when their some one yelling and shouting, we all knew what a bday party should be but we are not mad on the celebrator but on the manager who cater to conduct a party on 1/4 of his place.

the manager really didn't show up, all customer was annoyed on the party, considering that we also going to pay for our food. we are really upset when the last action done by the crew was to talk to us and say sorry for the loud noise and guaranteed that the party will be finish in less than an hour.

all the other customer was also upset during that time but my worry was if the pizza that we are eating is clean after we had complained to the manager.

if ever you have a business deal or meeting, DON'T EVER TRY SHACKEY'S

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