Experience by dataclese (2007)

In October of last year I bought my wife Jean a computer from the Octagon store in Ozamiz City. I was assured that it was covered by a warranty but did not get a copy of it. In March of this year the computer started going south. When I came in April it was not working and we took it to the store.

They said they needed to send the parts to Manila to "verify" they were broken. Initially the problem was a hard drive, and they tried to sell me a hard drive. Then they said the motherboard was bad. Looking inside I could see one of the two memory chips was bad. So they sent the hard drive and motherboard to Manila, promising to fix the parts.

Well weeks and week go by and they keep saying "Oh yes it will be soon". Eventually they told me that they have a repair center in "Manila" and that the parts would be attempted to be "fixed" as opposed to replace. This whole time we keep paying P999 per month for Internet service cause we don't want to incur a re-hookup fee.

Finally after three months and lots of sales pitches to replace the whole machine, the parts were returned. The motherboard apparently works now (at least Jean thinks so) and the hard drive was presumably replaced. However they did not actually reassemble the computer, expecting more money for that. Jean instead has hired a third party to come over...put the parts in....and set the computer back up for her with software and configuration.

The people at this company lied to and ripped us off all through this process. They did not replace the bad memory chip either, although the computer will run on one it won't run as well...however Jean primarily needs it to talk to me. She might still get some use of it for school.

The failure of the parts I am pretty sure is the result of the heavy salt air, humidity, smoke, and such where she lives; this does not however free the company from thier warranty obligation. At one point I asked for a copy of the warranty and they said they don't have "Copies", just one store copy and they would not provide it or furnish us with our own copy.

I am now determined to alert other potential and current customers of the scam and lousy customer service we were put through. It is despicable to lie to good paying customer all along and then in the end screw them out of repairs they are entitled to. You mileage may vary but this company is a dog and I would highly reccomend not doing a single peso worth of business with them. If you do (or with any other store) get copies of any warranty i writing. Because of the legal system in the Philippines and this being a big store the odds on actually getting a legal victory are slim to none.

There is another way however...make sure that you hold companies accountable for bad service and lies. Tell your friends as well of your experiences. If lots of people did this they would be driven out of business and only the ones who treated people with respect and fairness would remain.

Experience by Pangit ster

My story is this, I bought a PC from them (Octagon Cagayan de Oro) last February and it runs good but then five months after the PC was slowly have problems. It came to the point where in the PC no longer boot. So I brought it to their store and and they run some test. After that they said that I have to used a power supply with bigger wattage and so I did bought one. The next day, the PC is back again which would not boot so again I brought to their store. This time they said they will test my Graphics Card and then they said it may be the cause of the problem. While I am not contended on what they say, I looked for ways to test it with my own. I bought another Graphics card to test it. But still the problem was never resolve. Finally they said, they will ship the motherboard to Manila to replace it as they say. From the time of the problem till the time they said they will ship it to their main office was almost a month. And so, I let them brought the motherboard to their main office to replace it. They said they will call me if it will arrive. They haven't gave me any service PC. One month and half later, the package arrived. When I got there they said that they have to send it back to Manila because the box is correct with the wrong Motherboard model. I was really pissed at that time. That was really a negligence of those whoever packed that box. Till Now they haven't gave me back my motherboard. What a shame on them, a big company with a zero customer service attitude.

Experienced by Linda

I also have a bad experience when i visited OCTAGON Computer store LIMKETKAI MALL in Cagayan de Oro City last November ... the store has a lot people and the sales man are busy at that time so i look around check out the laptops then this fat ugly security guard saw me looking at the laptop and start sales talk me to buying one. My budget is only 20 thousand pesos so i asked him if there is a cheaper laptop maybe a price of 20 thousand or below but he insulted me and giving me a bad attitude saying " Maam sa surplus ka dapat pumunta mga bago ang mga tinda namin dito. doon ka dapat pumunta sa american surplus sa labas ng mall. so walk out and being insulted by a security guard i cant forget his tag name in his uniform SG NAPULI i will never go near this store again. He is not doing hes duty guarding the store instead he acts like a sales man not only that hes rude person i dont know why they hired this kind of person.

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