Experience By Roger

Villman Trinoma : Never go near this store. I bought an Asus EeePC 900 last week. Specs. say 20 gig Hard Drive and 1.0 gig memory. I spent sleepless night for one week trying to make it work.. What is unknow, the primary drive is 4 gigs + 16 gigs secondary drive. Load WinXP home plus a few programs, the disk is full on the 4 gig. it wont run anymore because the disk is full to the neck. Then switch slave drive as the 1st drive 16 gig and the onboard 4 gig as the secondary drive. It worked ONLY it should process commands as what a 1 gig ddr2 memory should do. It was so slow like a 32 mb ram . One command at a time. you wait 2-3 minutes to open application after another. They are selling LEMON units. Here is the thing- i went to the above mentioned store. I told them it is not a software issue- the kalbo technician immediately answered me, you can leave it here and wait for ONE MONTH or go to Pasig and Mega Mall Asus Service Center and submit the unit yourself. In short BAHALA KA SA BUHAY MO kung ayaw mo mag antay ng one month. This happened last Sunday, October 03 2008. I run my fist on the key board and thrown the laptop hard on the floor of VillMan TRinoma. Gusto Mo Ba manyari sa iyo ito ? While i was in that store when the kalbo tecnician try to show off his his trouble shooting skill. There were several customers returning printers and Inks they bought. My conclusion VILLMAN store must be re-cycling returened items untill they meet people like me to get rid of it. A sign it was a return item, there was a sticker at the back which say july 04 2008 on the code.

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