Most of us here in the Philippines definitely have heard of CD-R King, a CD/DVD and computer hardware store located in most shopping centres and malls throughout the nation. The store has become quite popular to the average consumer when it comes to the purchase of blank CD/DVDs. What I don’t understand is how a typical person can endure the long waiting lines and crowded small stores in order to get what they want. Imagine waiting in line for roughly 30 minutes! Furthermore, the priority system is mismanaged and disorganized. The management should have designed two priority systems, one catered to the sale of blank media, these are the CD/DVDs, the other to the sale of hardware and accessories.

Here’s what I experienced with one of the CD-R King stores in Cebu, I’m talking about the SM Cebu City branch. A few weeks ago I walked in the store and grabbed a priority number. I headed towards the CD/DVD section. At that time we were all packed and squashed inside the store. I had a hard time moving around and I can clearly remember repeating the usual phrase,”Excuse Me” a number of times. I reached the “desk” and I noticed that there were only a few more numbers before mine. So I patiently waited for ten minutes. Once my number was called I gladly gave my priority number to the sales girl, only to find out that my number was from the second batch. Wait, there are two batches? They told me I had to wait for the first batch to end. In other words I had to wait for an additional one hundred priority numbers before mine would be called. Why in the world would you make a customer wait so long?

As a dissatisfied customer I complained to these group of “ya-ya” (typical Filipino term for sloppy) sales girls. Of course when I usually converse, I use my mother tongue, English (I can barely speak Cebuano dialect). Can you imagine that one of the sales girls questioned me asking why I was speaking English (What they didn’t know was that I can grasp a little bit of Cebuano, so I understood what she said). With that, I threw my priority number on the “desk” and left the store.

To summarize things up:

  • CD-R King has poor management skills
  • They employee uneducated store personnel – Disrespectful, rude and impolite
  • Long lines at all CD-R King Stores, thus, making the customer wait (Business 101 – Never let the customer wait)


  1. The Cebu branch may be bad, but most other branches are the same.

    I recently bought an Eco-Bike for P23,300 and the day following the ignition switch fell to pieces when I tried to turn the key. Literally to pieces.

    That was 5 weeks ago and after numerous texts and phone calls (all unanswered, I still have a brand new eco-bike without an ignition switch to get it started.

    Believe me, the Urdineta, Pangasinan branch is total crap and I suspect my number is blocked, meaning they just cannot handle the many complaints they are getting. Chona, the manager, should be ashamed of how she runs the branch.

  2. same with baguio city-abanao branch....mga bastos, masusungit...pati branch head ganun din..kaya ganun din ugali mga tao nila.....

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  4. The sales lady in gaisano island mall branch, are very poor customer service. Dili katigo mo entertain ug customer. Dapat pulihan sila with pleasing personality para maka attract pod sila UG customer. Didto ko gikan, BZ ang isa pero ang iya kauban, Walay paki, sayang mo palit unta ko, then Ni istorya ko sa ikatulo , Walay pakialam, im very dissapointed, so ive walk out, daghan pag tindahan, sayang ilado raba tana ang cd-Rking pero sayop2x. One day mo hinay inyo store tungod Anah. Admin of cd-Rking please fix it para mo palit rako Diha utro, Salamat. .