BDO BANK ATM @ SM MALL and everywhere

experience by almost all of the ATM user:

Ever since i had acquire my first BDO payroll account opened by our company, i always encounter BDO ATM in almost all places to be OFFLINE during payroll and SM Sales.

the sad part on this thing is it is common that pay day and sale day is people do need to spend and get some money on their bank.

how come you can spend if their is no available machine to withdraw with, and when you use your card as a debit card to buy and transact with the teller, it will be no good because BDO IS OFFLINE.

you have no choice but to find an available BDO ATM which surely outside the mall or worst is you going to walk farthest as possible and then you will also know that the ATM is also OFFLINE.

If ever you do have find that available BDO ATM luckily, you surely take time to fall in line for about 10-15 people only at that single BDO ATM and hoping that machine can accommodate you. the worst part was when you heard people in front of the lane said that (putcha OFFLINE na)....F*** na BD* yan...

how not reliable to use this bank if it is the same again and again.

my solution on this part was to withdraw to the OTHER BANK ATM which you will be deducted for a service fee because BDO BANK haven't done any improvement.

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