Experience by Bob way back 2009

For the very first time, I had experienced having a flat tire last Sunday, 15 Nov 2009 — happy birthday mom, that day!
My family and I were on our way to church to hear the Sunday mass at around 0930H when I noticed this heavy feeling while driving. As we reached the parking area of our parish, my wife immediately noticed that my rear left tire is flat. Being an AAP (Automobile Association of the Philippines) member, I immediately called their hotline and asked for assistance. Not that I cannot change my flat tire by myself, but a medical condition (back problems) prohibits me from doing such thing. The dispatcher at AAP, by the name of Rodelyn (dunno if the spelling is right) accepted my call and had advised me that she will inform me via my mobile once the two truck is near my place already — this was at 0930H. My family and I then proceeded inside the church to hear the mass.
An hour later — 1030H, I asked the security guard of our parish if the AAP tow truck had arrived already, and he replied that he saw nothing, yet. I made a follow-up at AAP’s hotline, and I was advised that the tow truck is still at Cubao, Quezon City attending to someone else’s vehicle. Wow! Only if the AAP dispatcher had advised me the help will be coming Cubao, when I am at Makati City, I should had accepted the help offered by some of my friends at the church earlier.
Driving to work everyday, the AAP tow truck(s) parked at the foot of the Sales Bridge (Nichols) is quite noticeable. So I asked the AAP dispatcher (Rodelyn) if any of these trucks can be sent to help me change my tire, and she replied NO, those trucks are exclusively to be used inside the Expressways — which I find stupid, since my location is just near Magallanes.
Another hour, I made another follow-up call to ask if the tow truck is already heading my way. The AAP dispatcher was so sorry to advise me that the tow truck will no longer be heading to Makati (from Cubao) since it suffered a breakdown. WT*?! I asked the dispatcher (this time, it was Alma — Rodelyn may had already been pissed off by me) on how many tow trucks do they have, and she gave me something like 37. Of all those 37 AAP tow trucks, 36 were all busy and 01 had died along the way going to Makati?! What a coincidence. Could it be that the drivers were all very busy waiting for the Pacman-Cotto fight on TV?
Instead, Alma promised that AAP will be sending one of their guys using a car to help me change my tire. This time, the AAP car will be coming in from Boni Ave. — this is around 1130H, and by this time, I had sent my wife and child back at home via a cab, and my dad’s team had already arrived to assist me. Hoping to get my AAP membership’s worth, at 1200H (that’s 2.5 hours since my initial call for help to AAP), I made yet another phone call to their hotline, and I was advised that the car is already somewhere in Ortigas, on the way to me. But wait! I though the help will be coming from Boni Ave., and I’m at Makati City, but what the h#*l, why is it at Ortigas?! AAP, I think your dispatchers need a lot of (re)training, or perhaps, they should be provided with an updated road map of Metro Manila, at least. Ortigas Ave. is way too far from Boni Ave., and you won’t have to take the U-turn slot at Ortigas Ave. just to get to Makati City for CheeseWhiz’s sake!
To cut this long story short, my dad’s team helped me in changing the tire (oh, by the way, my dad’s people brought the spare tire to a nearby vulcanizing because it does not have the proper pressure). Some 30 minutes later, that’s around 1230H when a guy wearing a shirt with the AAP logo on it approached me and asked what was my problem. Too late, boy, you’re very much too late!
Did I mentioned that it was the 60th birthday of my mom that Sunday? I was supposed to pick-up her birthday cake at the Glorietta, but thanks to the unreliability of AAP (Automobile Association of the Philippines), the cake was too late for the celebration. I do hope, AAP tow trucks will be as fast as their collection agents when your annual fees are due.

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