Experienced by a traveler;

I've been to La Tegola a couple of times, they have great cream/cheese based pasta dishes. The pizzas are just so-so. The main course and other meat dishes I tried were very flat and bland. Skip them as they are expensive and uneventful. Free appetizers were pre-made and soggy, drenched in olive oil. The tomato was fresh though.

The horrible staff were not knowledgeable so we did not bother with the wine list. After taking your orders the waiters avoided eye contact so it was pretty difficult to get any kind of service. We had to resort to raising our hands and voice, calling out aimlessly as the waiters seemed to be too "busy" doing something else.

Overall, the three cheeses pasta and ravioli dishes were very good but you have to put up with bad service.


experience by others;

La Tegola is an excellent place to eat in Cebu City. It also has a branch in Mactan. There are two branches in Cebu City, one in upper Busay (haven't eaten in this one since it's so far) and another in Cesar's Foodland Building in Banilad. Serves the best italian cuisine around. I recommend that you order a spinach ravioli if you like cheese. Pizza is also great.

if you want the finest and affordable italian cuisine in CEBU City, you should visit the LA TEGOLA, you will surely get a satisfying meal.

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